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Dress Code Fact Sheet


                                                                   DRESS CODE FACT SHEET                         

See SCCBOE Code of Conduct

SMS desires to encourage a neat and modest appearance, while allowing for personal style within the parameters set forth by the SCCBOE Code of Conduct. 

     Students may not wear jeans, pants or shorts with holes.

     All shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. This excludes:

  • 1. Short shorts
  • 2. Running shorts
  • 3. Soccer Shorts

      Revealing garments include:

  • 1. halter tops,
  • 2. spaghetti strap camis and tanks,
  • 3. racerback tank tops or tees,
  • 4. tank tops with a strap less than 1 ½ inches wide,
  • 5. one shoulder blouses,
  • 6. blouses or shirts with no back,
  • 7. see through clothing,
  • 8. low neck lines

      Yoga Pants are not allowed to be worn to school.


      Leggings or anything similar to leggings are not allowed to be worn to school.


      Pajama Pants or any sleepwear is not allowed to be worn to school.